This morning we delivered our lobby to Kgosi Tsetse Of Otse together with the village elders.

We were welcomed to a full Kgotla with Otse residents, the VDC chairman, Otse Councillor, VDC members and fellow artists. Kgosi Tsetse appreciated our highlight on the importance of the Arts Council and pledged his support until we realize this cause.

Last night was amazing though, we camped at the Otse Kgotla. We slept well though it was cold, we didn’t bring blankets
We’ve been joined by Artists Maxy aka Mmagauta, Skazzo aka Mr Wizzo and P-Mag wa bandleng.

We just took off with Kgosi Tsetse who says he will walk with us a minimum 10km. We anticipate to arrive in Lobatse at the Woodhall Kgotla between 3pm and 4pm where we will deliver our lobby.

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