end of week updateEND OF WEEK UPDATE
In the past 11 days, We have managed to deliver our lobby letters to
1. Kgosi Seboko in Ramotswa
2. Kgosi Tsetse in Otse
3. Kgosi Bakwena in Lobatse
4. Kgosi Malope II in Kanye

Tomorrow, Saturday the 7th of April we arrive in Kang at the Kgotla at 10am where we will deliver yet another letter to the village chief.

There has not been many villages for Kgotla stops in between Jwaneng until today, unfortunately we passed through Sekoma and Mabutsane on a weekend, thus we couldn’t get appointments at the Kgotla, however a delegation of arts practitioners will be sent to deliver the lobby letters soon.

We have been able to push to walk between 40-45km daily, Praise God.

We would like to thank each and everyone who has stopped and questioned us in order to understand the cause. Thank you very much for the support to all those who brought us water and food stuffs this past week, we are managing because of your good hearts and appreciating our effort.

We would like to thank Ms Omphile Twala in Jwaneng, and Mr Sam Gaogakwe in Morwamosu for accommodating us and their great hospitality, you have contributed immensely to the success of campaign for formation of the arts council.

We will soldier on until we reach our dream of having an Arts Council for Batswana.

For your appreciation, For the next 4 weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at exactly 10am we will be posting information on what exactly an Arts Council is, what the benefits of having it are to the creative community, our current challenges in the arts sector that the arts council will solve, as well as the socio-economic benefits of such a body

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